Wednesday, March 8, 2017

You and me.

You and me.
Two together in the dark
Shadowlands stretch out around us
Silence and sorrow flow mingled down

High up on this wind swept rock
Gales and furies weave around us
Driving out all thought of peace

Rushing waters foam
Racing against the rocks
Pealing back the safety
We seek

You and me
Walking separate paths
Unique to us
Clearly similar

Cupped hands cold from the night
Encircle a small flame
Leaning in to give strength to flickering light
A third would be welcome

You and me
And a third person
Evens out this equation
Fills in the gaps and breaths life to the flame

Wild and clear
The call to come to his hall is on the wind
He is the elder one
Oldest of all immortal flame springing forth at his bidding

You and me and He
Among the night
Cheered and warmed by his presence
Pushing back sorrow and fear and illusions

Like a strong draft of wine giving heart
Fears and sorrows are there
But in their place

You and me
We are three with Him
And will not be easily broken


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Awesome! Fantastic work. I appreciate the message. Thank you!