Saturday, December 17, 2016


Sitting in an ocean
Dark night like velvet closes 'round
Sitting here knee to knee
As the stars fall

The boat is locked and gridlocked
The stars like ice float on the water
Pressing in close
A reminder of pain and pain and pain

There is no sailing out of this
But you and I
Are strong

As the stars crush close we will climb out
As the moon rises to give light to the night
Walk that shining path of pain
Out and into the stark dawn

Sliding down the frozen waves
Up on that rocky shore
Forward across the tundra
To the slope of the mountain

Craggy rocks and crevasses cut through
The line of sight
You are tired
So am I

Red blossoms of pain
Behind tired eyes
Swollen from weeping

The seemingly never ending journey
Marches on
Dry is the dust and dry is the throat
Croaking encouragement