Saturday, November 12, 2016

Not My President

Hillary Clinton.

The Next President.

The First Women President.
It was meant to be. 

It Was Going To Be.

But wait, the popular vote is not the electoral vote. Democracy dictated who was elected and it wasn't Hillary. 

The next logical step was to set things on fire, break other people's property and scream ugly recriminations in the streets. Because He's Not My President. It doesn't matter that our country has been voting this way for 200 odd years. It is time to throw things, have tantrums and burn things to the ground. Because we are thinking, intelligent people who want to explain in clear logical terms why we are unhappy that Trump won. The best way to do this is to harm other people to demonstrate that harm people. Because He's Not My President. 

Stop. Think about it. This is how President Obama was voted in, he won the electoral votes. So did Bush. Clinton. And....And.....And it goes on and has gone on for years. 

Your president might have been in for the last eight years. Obama was Not My President, however he is my president and when he won twice in the last eight years it did not occur to me or my friends to vandalize and scream ugly things. I do not agree with his politics, I do not agree with the affordable care act. I did not vote for him. But it is wrong to destroy other peoples property to display your frustrations. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. 

Let me be clear. Trump Is Not My President. I did not choose him, I think he is a terrible idea for this country, I think he will do some really harmful things, I hate his treatment of women, I hate the way he talks about "building a wall" as if immigrants are cockroaches that must be kept out. I've argued vigorously against his politics, his way of doing business and his uncouth way of talking to and about opponents. Am I very concerned he'll start a nuclear war? YES. But I'm not going to start a war in my streets to demonstrate this concern. This is shameful and degenerate behavior that only signifies a lack of self control and understanding on how to reach people with your concerns. 

By all means, speak out about what you think should happen in this country, vote, advocate, get a job in politics, call your representatives or petition! But really burning stuff? You're at a ten...take it down to a two. Stop acting like toddlers having a tantrum. This is horrifying, STOP IT! Go home. You can not reach people by screaming at them. Except the outcome of the election and move on, you have four years to win back the presidency.