Saturday, July 27, 2013

Playing The Game

They smiled big, teeth white and shiny
So friendly
So loving
Reaching out to hug and speak glowing words of friendship
But deep within remains, the small needles of poison
Words spoken to hurt
Bitter darkness that spilled from them
Not dealt with
Icy, slow dripping poison, so subtle, so unseen
Yet no harm was intended
But those words spoken can not be drawn back
Once released they fly like arrows to sink deep into flesh
But really, they spread hands and nod their heads, we were only trying to help
Hiding behind good intentions is safe
No one to call their bluff
No one who can see beyond the smoke and mirrors
And call them to account for harm done
Because they have "forgotten" words spoken
With conviction, emphatically
Views that were listened too because they were honestly held
Or were thought to be honest
Except when the truth is spoken
The truth given into their hands
Those strongly held beliefs are thrown to the wayside
But an acknowledgment of wrong is not given
They backtrack
But not into confession or repentance
Instead they grow sorrowful, with false soft voices dripping deep concern
They only wondered....
It was only a perhaps...
No need to get upset
Shake of the head a crocodile tear glides
Sighing they wonder why people are so angry with them
Only words after all
Why won't people stop harping on this subject
It was just musing, just wondering...
And really why make a big deal out of this anyway?
Who really cares?
And having eaten they wipe their mouths and say
"I've done no wrong"

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