Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Time passes over and over and over. Everyday minutes tick by, hours trickle and days are gone forever.

And it happens again. And again.

In the morning my eyes open in the pearly gray light and I contemplate getting out of bed. But these minutes are cold, it is early and these minutes are cold. Why do I have to get up, can't I just stay here in the warmth? But my God has ordained that these minutes are full of light and not for slothing around in bed. He has set an order to the world, and these minutes (at least in my life) are ordered for movement, for working, for prayer, for reading, for running.

Somedays I contemplate what it will be like when time is no more. When I won't feel the ticking of time as it passes by, won't feel each minute go, go, go and go again. If I was not secure in my final destination perhaps this would make me fearful. To watch my diamond minutes run out, knowing the hourglass is every lowering with no way to fill it back up.

But I'm not fearful, I know where my minutes are going and I rejoice to see them slipping away. Because that means this life is getting closer to no time, a place to look forward to if you know that you can enter into no time. And I can.

So as time goes on and the hours slip past the only thing I think about it is if I'm using that time wisely. But I don't care about getting those minutes back or trying to hold onto them. They aren't really mine to grasp anyway.