Monday, July 9, 2012

Linnea Lomax

Can you picture the devastation one must feel when you realize a loved one is missing? I'm not sure I can.

 A loved daughter. A child (she is nineteen but I at 28 am STILL my Mom's little girl) who was a delight and a "ray of sunshine" to the family. Your sister missing? Your friend just gone out of the proper place just like that.

The frantic need, galvanized into action wishing to sprint in every direction at once and screaming her name is how I'd imagine I'd react. Cold comfort is the hollow "She is nineteen, an adult who can do as she pleases" and even worse what they are saying behind that thought. That Linnea could be so selfish, cold and uncaring as to allow her Mother and Father, family and friends to suffer needlessly this pain. But then the testimonies say she is a loving, kind person who would be utterly horrified if she knew what terror and grief her disappearance has caused. So that begs the question where is she and why hasn't she reached out to anyone?

It seems over finals she suffered a mental break down and was found by her parents to be in a very unsound state. So they took action and placed her in a medical health facility to recoup and get proper medical attention. Kudos, good job parents for caring. She however  (after being released from the facility) disappeared when she walked out of a follow up visit, without purse, wallet or cellphone but possibly caring a black bag. Being nineteen and not a patient at the time she was free to come and go as she pleased. However she is considered missing due to the fact that this is not consistent with her normal routine.

It has been pondered that perhaps she is fleeing an abusive family, a Father that is over bearing and hateful. That she is missing because she does not want to be found. There are claims that the family is cult like and things are being handled in a creepy secretive way (which if true this is horrible, cults are awful, nasty and especially vile when cupeled with the name of Christ Jesus. They are in direct conflict with how we as children of God are to be living and dishonor Him) that they are stealing money that is donated to help find her.

Horrors. Gag. Could this be true? Sometimes things that are ugly need to be said because they are the truth. But when many people come forward and give testimonies in favor of the accused the accusers MUST take that into account. How can we live in a just world if the testimonies of witnesses is disregarded? We are free to think and ponder, to wonder out loud if this or that might not be true, but be careful that your wonderings and ponderings don't turn into angry bile that threatens to destroy. Would you really have it be that her parents don't love her, rather then believe the many family and friends that say otherwise?

If she is in a fragile state and living on the streets she will be preyed upon by someone, someone who will intend to do evil to her. Sex slavery is thriving and is always on the lookout for people just like Linnea, don't be callous and turn a deaf ear to their pleas for help. She is very much a person worth searching out and rescuing.

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