Sunday, August 15, 2010


I take the time to post because I love alllll my readers and want them to share in the joy that I find in Switzerland. Also I need to gloat, and the other guy who is traveling with us has already posted three times on HIS blog so you know what THAT means. Blog Wars.

We are sitting pretty in a small town called Ruswil in Switzerland. Gazing not on alps but at least on the clouds and mist that cover the alps. If you can't see them at least it is comforting to know that you are looking at exotic alps hiding mist and not generic mist.

Luzern is amazing and people watching (always a highlight) was good the last few days because they are having Wild West something, somethings right now and there are a lot of tourist wandering around. Of course I am a tourist to them, and most likely my clothes are funny looking as well.

Our friends are quite hospitable, they feed us all the time and the Mother (Emmi) thinks that the boys are to thin and scrawny. And here they party into the night with lots of games and laughter.