Friday, February 5, 2010

Pass The Door Please?

What does one do when confronted by that question?

I laugh.

Not because it is funny, oh no. But because I'm thinking of my co-worker Larry (who is also the guy asking the question) he is trying his level best to train us girls in the way of the door. To get us to a point when we could confidently sell it to an unsuspecting customer with enough knowledge for it to be the correct door for them to purchase. However on the pop quiz tonight I promptly burst into laughter and the Door Sansei gave me an F on the class. Oh well, my long term goal was to be a bag lady anyway.

There is a list of questions that, if they are asked in the right manner and in the right order, apparently will open up the soul of buyer to you. Then acting rather like a psychologist gently nudging a patient towards a reconciliation with his mother, we ease them around to the perfect door. Always keeping in mind though they must think THEY are making the move, getting the bargain and are brilliant.

Catalogs are not the answer, that is as good as telling them to go some where else to buy the product.

Sell what you have.

Where are you going to use it Sir?

Do you want a window Sir?

Half lite or Half lite vented Sir?

Metal clad Sir?

Hollow core Sir?

Interior or exterior Sir?

Shaker Sir?

Modern Sir?

Traditional Sir?

And that is just a few of the questions you might have to ask, we didn't even tread to far into the french doors, 2 panel 6 lite, 2 panel flat or fire rated. Already though things are a bit shaky a mist is coming up before my eyes, the world grows strange.... Ok perhaps this is just the need for sleep and really, this isn't that much information to memorize and regurgitate. I'll just be having a sales guy check any orders I make for the next year or so.

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