Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fear Not.

The whole "fear not" concept is a bit hard for me to grasp. There are so many things to fear; death, life, loosing sleep, torture, murder, houses burning down, car wrecks, gaining weight, cancer, drowning, and the list goes on.

But one of the big ones right now is the fear that the life as we know it is passing away, our economy is going down the tubes, the USA is going to hell is a dump truck and soon "tortured for Christ Jesus" might be a true statement to make about many Christians in the US. And boy if only we could get back to the old days it would be better, way back in the fifties, yeah back then when.....the stage for the sixties was being set, unjust wars were being fought, peopled divorced one another, murder, rape and car wrecks were happening. Well perhaps even further back would fix it, past the Civil War and back to when our country began, everything was perfect then right? Well at least car wrecks weren't a big deal but all the other horrible things were still happening, our founders weren't perfect and nor were the rest of the people.

So is there a time period that I should look at and wish I lived "back then"? Is there a time when people were, as a whole, more holy or righteous? Well I submit that there is not. Perhaps there was a time when justice system was run more correctly, or the leaders had an upright and godly view of life and their part in it. But was that real peace or holiness? Or just a slightly more buttoned down society? Has the intrinsically being of man changed? No, it hasn't and nor has the way of life or the horribleness sin and it's effect on people. So if Bible speaks true to every generation from Adam to mine and they were told not to fear with the same things going on in their world, then I too should be able to cling to that and take strength in it.

Also even if our world collapses, shifts and changes MY JOB DESCRIPTION DOESN'T CHANGE!

I am to act as an ambassador for Christ, as if God were making his plea through me.

I am to shine the light of Christ.

I am to work with my hands and have something to share.

I am to take care of the widows and the orphans.

And I am to glorify God in all I do or say.

So there is hope for our nation, and it is the true hope, the hope of a new life in Jesus Christ. Sure if our world was more under control, abortion wasn't rampant, and crimes were punished, it would be nice. But if it isn't because people are controlled by the Holy Spirit, but by good laws well executed, the battle is still being lost, because that means people are still going to hell. The goal is salvation, not a perfect government. And the way only thing that can change a nation is the individuals heart being made new.

Also I as a twenty five year old shouldn't curl up in my shell and hide, and dream just doom and gloom and assume that life is over. No, take hope, trust in God, marry, have kids, and rejoice.