Friday, January 23, 2009

I'm an Aunt....of sorts...

A dear friend from Germany just gave birth to a little girl! Her name is Johanna Frieda Muller, and she is so least her adoring adopted Aunt thinks so. Just ignore the freakish yellow blanket and the fact that she is a wee bit red still....

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Who are you?

1. Who are the people who drive five miles below the speed limit (causing you in to pass them) while out of town..but when in town will go ten over the limit, and pass you?

2. Who are the people that dink through stop lights? What is the goal in giving the car in front of them fifty feet of room and making it so only two people make it through? Why do you do this to us?

3. Who are the people who think when at a four way stop they don't have to follow the rules?

4. Who are you that putter along but at 50 or 55 but as soon as a passing lane shows up you speed up to 65?

5. Who are you that ignore the lanes in parking lots, whipping around cars and driving across the lines, almost giving me a heart attack and smacking me?

6. Who are you that park lazy like, so as to take up two spots instead of one?

Would the people who do these things please stand up........thank you.....Now in view of our tolerant way of doing things these days, I'm not going to be to mean. I'm only going to take away your drivers license, break your keys, remove the transmission from your car, shave your head and tattoo on the back "I'm a road jerk" and give you a pass to the Grayhound Bus.