Saturday, December 6, 2008

What can I say...

Well there is no excuse except Facebook has stolen my life and I can't get out. The blame goes to J-girl she started it and tempted me to get on that time wasting site.

Rather like in the Fellowship, when they are stuck in the mines of Moria...and they can't get out...I too am stuck in Facebook, but that is more of my own desires and not the orks that are keeping me there.

So perhaps I need to take a break from all computer things, could I live without bloging, posting,wall writting, poking, skyping, emailing, downloading, chatting ext? Well, actually I did just that while staying with my Aunt for two weeks, however she didn't HAVE the internet so that can't count since there was no temptation.

But now I will challenge myself, starting on Monday no internetting will I do for one week. And Tiv will be my acounter and smack my hand if I slip.

Sigh, there won't be any excuse even for banking because I did that yesterday....