Saturday, October 25, 2008


Perhaps opera is not for fact opera might be only for the few. Unless it is The Phantom of the Opera, which has, it would seem, a cult following, if the packed lines and sold out seating was anything to go by. We had to weave our way through the heard and up the stairs for our seats, me burbling away singing "shove, shove, shove" until a girl snippily told me I "could ask nicely", sheesh if I had been on my toes I would have said "young lady I have not yet begun to shove!" or used a well placed German phrase (no Jordan not chinking German).
Just so you know HOW hard core we are, Hannah bought the tickets back in June, she got almost a whole row, and we had been gloating over the tickets for months, polishing them and keeping them safe in cotten wool and strong boxes.
As the burble of voices and a view of the stage finally magnified for me that we were truely there, I was so excited that the only way to control it was to burst into song (which could be argued as a lack of control). Then upon remembering where I was, promptly shut up, the lady sitting next to me wasn't of our party and I didn't want to scare much.
How to discribe it, the diming of the lights, the first voice breaking the silence, "Ladies and Gentlemen"......from then on out entranced and caught up in the opera we were. And when that chandelier went up and the story which I've listened to over and over again visually came alive and it was corking.
The music is wonderful, Frank Loyd Webbers genius is clearly marked here, the soaring strains dark tones and flirty, joval notes fit together to make a glittering and engaging performance. The cast and props where also well done, however I must admit that Sarah Brightman getstop billing in my books. No one can take the place of that clear and pristine voice, which seems almost impossibly lovely.
Most likely I'll never do it again, but for that one short time, it was worth it. To feel like we were back a hundred years or so, pre TV and movies, and opera and plays were THE entertainment, made it even more enjoyable.

Monday, October 13, 2008

If a blog dies....

Well I was expecting a few more worried comments due to my extented absence from the blog world. Perhaps a few tears, my blog name on a milk jug and other measures to find out what was going on.

But no, sadly my readership it turns out, could care less why I dropped off the globe for one month. What is the world coming to when ones own chums regard you in a caviler light, here today gone tomorrow. Bitter, bitter is this for me to face....

Oh well, it is suffice to say I was in North Carolina on a surprise trip to help my Aunt who had been in the hospital with a horrible appendicitis. It was a two and a half weeks sans internet, as she doesn't have any and we never got to the library. NC is rather warmer then here and humid all the time, to me it smells rather funny, possibly the mold growning everywhere? Plus they have snakes (we don't) and more black-widows then we do, shudder, I was fine walking in the woods until sitting down to dinner one night Aunty and her friend told snake stories. Apparently our next-door neighbor had been bit on the foot just the week before by a baby Copperhead akkkk! So into the woods no longer did I go.

Much of my time was spent reading, since there wasn't much on TV ever (1000 chanels). Since my literature class is reading Nicholas Nickleby I thought I should as well, it is long but quite good, one of Dickons lighter and happier stories.

I finished Ordinary Women, Extrordinary Faith, the auto biography of Patricia St. John. She was a British missionary nurse for many years in Morocco, as well as a prolific author. Her childrens stories are much loved by our family at least and are known all over the world, if you haven't read any of them you are missing out. Here is a list of her childrens books (the ones in bold I've read).

Treasures of the Snow
The Tanglewood’s Secret
Rainbow Garden

The Secret at Pheasant Cottage
Star Of Light

Where The River Begins
Three Go Searching
The Secret Of The Fourth Candle
Stories to Share
Nothing Else Matters
The Runaway
I Needed A Neighbor
Twice Freed
The Secret Boat

Find them and read them.

Other then going to the ocean (very warm, no sharks) for a day nothing to exciting happened, flights were good if uneventful , except for on kicking child and a girl who tipped her cup of Pepsi onto my bare feet (Sterling said it could have been worse...could have been beer).

I'm happy to home back to cold, fallish North Idaho.