Wednesday, September 3, 2008

They Be One

Donzel B. Woomert was married to Markus Wermelinger on August 31 2008. Before God, our friends and the State of Idaho they are now joined together for life. It was duly witnessed and signed by Schyler and myself.

All in all the wedding was lovely, we broke a few ceremony norms such as no ugly, expensive dresses for the brides-maid and instead of the groom standing up front waiting for the bride, Donzel waited for HIM. Both our parents stood there with her and gave her away, Dad spoke on the Cross and our dear friend Dave on Love and Marriage.

Our church family was wonderful, the ladies brought tons of good food (fruit and veggies) and arranged it in a lovely fashion. While some of the men seemed to have a fantastic time grilling the sausages Markus picked out to have (that's the Germanic, sausage loving side of him). And we had our very own band play all the music, ahem, it was made up of two of our very own home-schooling families, with a special trumpet player from down south thrown in.

Grandma Ginger came from Oregon and worked as the coordinator, arranging flowers and chairs.

The rest of us just pitched in as needed, the boys pulling long stints as chair haulers and Grandpa working as a helper with the flowers and chairs as well. Mom, sailed through with flying colors and dear Michelle was a steadfast rock in a sea of marriage plans.

But most of all it was God who gave Donzel and Markus and the day to us. Controlling the weather was something we couldn't do but He can, so the rain was kept away and the sun brought out to grace the outdoor wedding. And the day was made joyful because of the God we serve.