Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Of Weddings and Plans

In days of old there was a quiet ceremony with the parents, pastor and perhaps the neighbors or close friends. Afterwards a wedding breakfast was taken, then the bride and groom went off to start their lives together.

Or perhaps slightly more Appalachian style an all day party with dancing, fiddling and long tables groaning with food. After the bride and groom had gone home, their friends would follow them and caterwaul outside the cabin until they were let in.

Simple pleasures.

In later day America things are slightly different, a guest list 100 to 900 families strong, a full meal with starters, drinks and desserts. Served in lavish homes, gardens, hotels or massive tents on lawns. Dancing, music, games, gifts stacked up to the ceiling and demands for money are the norm. As soon as a wedding is noised abroad every women who knows the bride (and some who don't) rush to her side to assure her that this is her big day. The happiest one of her life. And if her friends don't cement this in her pea-brain, the bridal companies sure do.
Thousands of dollars spent on the dress, are matched only by the amount that the brides-maids are requested to spend on an ugly dress they will wear only once. One which will cause the guests and future photo album flippers to gasp in horror and mutter "what was she thinking? It makes them look...fat". Which then starts the small dark doubt fermenting in their minds that, perhaps, she meant them to look that way..... oh oh.

So the flowers, colors, cute children, suits, dresses, rings, table clothes, food, ribbons, lights, candles, music, candy, table settings, guest lists, pictures and perfect spot are picked out, the bride broke down only twice, things are a go. For Her Big Day. The groom is almost a non player in this event, sneeking in at the front he hides behind a huge display of flowers so as not to attract attention to himself and mar the grand entrance of Her.

Why do we spend so much time on the day, when the marriage isn't about the day at all? That's like saying the day after you give birth is The Day, after that everything goes down hill. I would like to put forth we've go the wrong end of the stick, it isn't a day, but a lifetime together, this is one day out of, hopefully, many. Sure this is the biggest party that will be thrown for you and the most money you'll ever spend solely on yourselves, but if this is the best part of your life, this 24 hours, I think I'll stay single.

For the Christian though our view of marrage is different or at least should be. God gave marriage to the peoples of the earth because He saw it was good, and it represents Christ and His bride. A picture that is beautiful and amazing, but one that gets lost in the noise and commotion over the bride and groom. Christ Jesus is a guest that gets invited last to most weddings and is simply forgotten at others.

I'm not saying don't celebrate, by all means celebrate, this is a joyous time and our God loves joy, David danced before Him and God was blessed. So on the 31st of August we will dance before God and thank Him for bring Markus and Donzel together for a lifetime. The celebration will encompass not only their joy as a couple but our joy as friends and family witnessing the outworking of His hand in their lives. Giving praise and honor where it is due, and the cord that is Christ Jesus' blood will bind us tighter that day and in the days to come.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Die Fledermaus

The soft sounds of sleep and slumber were broken by a strange scratching and scraping, I looked towards the windows and saw something fly between them and the moon. Something dark....and winged....I was, to say the least, slightly startled and flicking on my light, jumped from bed, grabbed a rolled up magazine and prepared to swat the intruder.

Horrors, the thing was swooping and flitting about without a sound, we quickly gave up on the idea of it being a extra giant moth-on-steroids and identified it as a BAT. Que: yelps and frantic waves of weapons. And darn it all if the bat didn’t make a pass into our room and, as Tivoli put it later, 'it’s huge, black wings were at least six feet wide and blocked out all light' or something like that.. Michelle Shook was no help at ALL when I looked over at her she was quivering under the blankets, Tivoli did go get a tennis racket but by then the bat had hid behind a chair. Great, now it was time to go get help, I didn’t think I could deal with this right after waking up. Also Michelle pointed out that 'don’t bats have rabies?'.

So into the house we headed looking for a strong armed Schyler. Well we found him. But after I told him that we had a vampire bat in our room he only mumbled something about getting a bag and some towels. After gathering them up we waited in the kitchen for him...and waited....and waited...Mom came down and asked what in the world was going on and we promptly told her. She came out with us instead of Schyler because it would appear that he had never really been awake in the first place. Mom went and sat in the dark with the screens out of the windows and waited for it to fly away but it didn’t no hide nor wing of it to be seen...oh great.....Then home came Donzel and Markus from Spokane and in the middle of helping them unload the car Mom saw the bat flying around down-stairs. EEEEeekkkk.

It ended up flying to a dark corner and clinging to the door frame. Mom told Markus to take a tennis racket and get him (she meant bonk him on the head) and Markus gently and deftly caught it between two rackets and let him go. Rather the anti-climax to the wild half hour before. Except this morning Schyler didn’t remember any of it.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Little Green Sticky Notes

While on a four day drive home from Texas I discovered little-green-sticky-notes, when one is driving between 17 and 60 mph for 2881 miles, things tend to get a wee bit boring. An these puppies stick really well to dashboards.

To kick it off I wrote the first one just to remind myself what we do when driving through Oklahoma City.

Stay in the middle and on 35.

And the rest explain themselves.....I hope.

When driving alone and slowly, knee driving is possible and a must, if one wishes to open her peanuts.

I like NPR, it might be left leaning but it has interesting news and the music is fun. I'm a Granola Conservative!

Wal-Mart, hate the place, plactic everywhere.

McDonalds, I don't like them anyway but last time they stole my French Fries.

Did you know if you stand in a parking lot in Wyoming with a straw in a cup it will whistle?

WHO wrote the song The First Cut Is the Deepest? If I never heard that song again it would be to soon.

Horse Shoeing School in Oklahoma?


1.3 Million Chinese forced to move out of their 2000 year old city to make way for a Dam.

Water Polo sounds quite amazing, check it out in the Olympics.

Gag.....Love Song...pish...

Hypothermia, this is a fear of mine while driving at 3:00 am with the air-conditioning on at full blast.

Because I Like It,! If I were to be the next Cooking star of TV this is what my program would be called. Sorry I only pander to myself, if you want 30 Minute meals go to a different chanel, healthy-shmelthy not here, you want some BAMB I don't dooo that.

Dickens is a word master, who else would discribe their character as "fine in his Beadle-hood".


"She chucks me under the chin and makes all kinds of love to me"

Work Zones are good, that is the only time we went the speed limit.