Tuesday, May 27, 2008


There are those of us up North that know spring is here when the bats in the roof start chattering and flying about. It bespeaks soft warm days, blue skies and the planting of big gardens. Another indication of sping is that the Chaco sandles come out and slip on feet, or people run bare-foot across grass growning long, and clothes are once again hung out on the line to dry, creating that oh so pleasent stiff, scratchy feeling as you pull on your jeans. Sour Cream Rhubarb Pies are made from fresh fruit pulled from the garden that very day. Hmmmmm.

Frisbee, Volly-ball, Visitors, Sleeping outside, Growing flowers, Filling humingbird feeders, Camp-outs, iced tea and rain. Spring is here finally, even if you can still see bombs and bombs of snow in the mountains and if we climbed high enough we could still ski.

Thank Goodness! I for one am happy to see winter go, it had been here a bit to long, over stayed it's welcome that is.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

A letter

Well praise the Lord Puschel's health is on the upswing, she has had no chemo for couple of months and is starting to recover. The prayer now is that no more cancer cells start to grow and that she will gain strength day by day. Here is a letter that she wrote on April 21st. Enjoy.

Today Puschel wrote by herself:

It would be great to take an hour where we could sing all together and share about the blessings God gave us in the past year and than thank Him for it. Because it is not possible each one of you could spend some time by your self and thank God individual. I know it is common to do so at newyear, but it does not harm you to do it in between. May you become tears in your eyes for HIS faithfulness and as the expression of thanks...Yesterday I went for the first time since the surgery horseback ridding on Saba (big Pony from my friend Lucia) - don’t worry I didn't go gallop.

That time I got tears in my eyes. I realized what God has done since the surgery. And even more I got to see His faithfulness that day, when I had the news from the Hospital in my hands. It was very clear written that none of the tests shows new Tumor cells. Oh, I am so thankful to God for the healing in my body until now, thankful that I am able to live again and additional to do my most favorite hobby again although I can't walk. Obviously the prayer is still for healing and no new tumor cells since I can get them faster again that the most of you. Thank you to God and to all of you, my dear friends!!