Monday, January 28, 2008

Irgendwie Anders

I found Irgendwie Anders in the Fall of 2007, and even though it was in German I "read" the book through three times. "I laughed, I moved me Bob". Since then my soon to be Swiss brother-in-law found that it was written by an American and translated into German. Now M.W knew I wanted this book and also would actually like to hear it. So last night he called and asked if he could read me a story, then proceded to read Irgendwie Anders to me. In English and German! Take that world, who has a nicer brother in-law now? Huh, huh, huh? And he is going to send me the books....

Monday, January 7, 2008

Theological Coffee Cake

Saturday night I was making Coffee cake for Mom and Dad's anniversary breakfast on Sunday (26 years and, as Sky put it, they have made it this far so we can look forward to at least another 26) when I began to think about sin and self love. See this cake has walnuts in it and (shockingly enough) not all people like walnuts. Specifically TJ and DB (this isn't the sin actually, a failing yes but not a sin) when I thought to myself "I'm to TIRED to make half the topping without nuts, this is such a big deal. They can just lump it and pick them out themselves". Then I stopped short and thought that through again, why didn't I say as glibly "I'm to tired NOT take out the walnuts, it's not a big deal, I'll just make half without nuts because the girls would love it."

How come under the guise of being to tired was I willing to skip doing something nice for my sisters? It's not that hard to answer really I guess but a complex problem that filters through every part of our lives. Dear darling Adam who was the first to fall laid on the rest of us the curse that flows from generation to generation. The curse of sin and a love of self. We aren't really thoughtfull and self sacrificing creatures naturally, it takes an effort of will to put others before us. But enter Christ Jesus into the picture, His blood when it covers you, severs the ties you have to the old Adam. The New Adam has come the Old has gone. But even with Christ Jesus in me that monkey Satan doesn't give up easily, he doesn't want to get off my back and self rears its UGLY head over and over. It takes acts of will to set your face against yourself, put out a hand to Christ and follow him, but once you have done that, put out your hand, the following is easy. However beware the trap is so subtle, watch out for that ol' snake who still is crawling about.

I guess if there was a moral it would be....when in doubt take the walnuts out! Or "love your neighbor as yourself."

By the way it was so much more fun the next morning to see how happy DB and TJ were with the walnutless cake:-).