Friday, July 20, 2007


It is Georgia alright, humid, buggy and full of hardwood trees. However it is cooler here then at home which is a shock. Last week we worked six days and rested on Sunday, it was pretty good, we got a lot of the high stuff done. Climbing up and standing on five sets of scaffolding was something new for me. I can only think of how much I don't really like hights when I'm up there, each set is five feet high so that is only 25 feet, but picture trying to lean out and stuff something into a wall. Over and over and over again, while the scaffolding creaks and groans. Oh yes and then there's the whole carrying up buckets of water and all the other things you need (what I needed was a safety harness but they don't provide those). The girls are very nice, I get the easy stuff and no crazy corners where you have to cling by tooth and claw to the wall. Also the guys who are working on the house site are very nice and set everything up for us. They made a really nice sturdy platform and just about gave us all the walk-boards there where in the place. When one of the girls mentioned I was a bit worried about the hight the man who was setting up just said (in his slow southern way) "Well are you going to jump?" when told "NO" he replied "Ok then you have nothing to worry about". At the end of the week I'm very proud of my self, I have moved from clinging on with two hands to clinging with one.A step up in the world if I due say so to my self.

Highlights are we laugh a lot, much humor is passed around and we have a pretty good time. I get some friendly flack for knowing the songs on the station the guys listen too, J and M where keeping track of just how many I knew. Also we eat our lunch down on the dock and last week I caught a fish in a plastic bag, the girls had been feeding it every since they came. But it was a bully fish and mean to the other ones around it, so we didn't feel bad about eating it. I killed it and ahem deheaded it and J gutted and cooked it. Next time we are getting a better knife, razor blades where just not ment to cut heads off fish. Oh yes other highlights are blackberry and coconut pies, wonderful things indeed.

Today we took a half day off due to rain, my fault seeing as I decided not to pack my rain jacket, oh well next time I'll know better. But it is nice to rest and check up on a few things.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

A wandering I will go

Next on the menu...Georgia! To this state I go to work for a month, it will be hot, humid and sultry. But there are perks, I will have the company of some of the best people around, constantly be messing about in dirty water, being ordered (very nicely) to refill the chink machine, climbing to new hights (not by choice) on scaffolding, becoming bucket slave of the year and queen of spray bottles. I'm the neebie of the crew, baby, gofer, slave and pig. However the girls are ever so nice and are quite willing to help me out and redirect me when I get on the wrong path. Also as the weeks go the "chink" launguage will get easier to understand, I've got messy mess, gookum, snacky snack and a sundery of other things under my belt already. So here's to Georgia may the big bugs stay away from me and may the heat not kill me.

Oh HJK (you know who you are) I grovel and cower, forgive oh forgive this knave, this poltroon for failing in the quest. Turn your smile once more upon me and make my life to shine, don't be angry with me. In August I'll make the trip and see your apartment and Frank.

I would just like to mention that as of yesterday my boss also uses me to test the waters. Before she would jump of a rockinto the river she "asked" me to go first. I'm now rather scared of the scaffolding, she'll be using me to test it and see if it will stay up. Eeek.