Monday, February 26, 2007

O Lord, My God, Most Earnestly

O Lord, my God, most earnestly I seek Your holy face,
With in Your house again to see the glories of Your grace.
Apart from You I long and thirst and naught can satisfy;
I wander in a desert land where all the streams are dry.

The loving kidness of my God is more then life to me,
So I will praise You all my days and pray continually.
In You my soul is satisfied, my darkness turns to light,
and joyful meditations fill the watches of the night.

Beneath the shadow of Your wings I sing my joy and praise,
Your right hand is my strong support through troubled nights and days .
All those who seek my life will fall; my life is in Your hand.
God's king and people will rejoice; in victory they will stand.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Nano's Advice

Ok so Nano's advice has been removed from the blog, due to some people voicing the opinion that it was rather gross. I'm sorry for that because I actually thought it was interesting and something worth knowing.

Anyhow perhaps I will write something else tomorrow but as for now I'm going to eat chocolate and watch a movie.
Sincerely Liesl

Saturday, February 10, 2007


The sweet smell of Chocolate, dark, rich and smooth, and so healthy as well. Just look at those antioxidents sitting there to bring a sparkle to your eye and uplift your system.
It is the best thing for helping a cold, boring day go by or to perk up your spirits while imbibing with a cup of tea. It is also much cheaper then a shrink. If you want, position the chocolate on a chair, put eyeglasses, a pad of paper and a pencil next to the chocolate, lie down on the couch and talk.... Then eat your choco-shrink.
Sigh ladies no more for Lollypops or their ilk. Look no longer to Jellybeans and Starbursts, eschew such vulger and uncouth candy as Taffy. Eat the food of Paridise. Chocolate.
Dieses Schokolade ist wundervull und geschmackvull.
Dim the lights and roll out the red carpet, here is Chocolate with a capital C. Could you make something so delicate and lovely with Jolly Ranchers?
Take a normal Strawberry and give it a little jacket of chocolate and look! It is ready for a Evening dress party. Either the Cocktail dress, Black Tie variety or the PJ kind.

There is the added benifit of entertainment with this kind confection. You can spend hours trying to guess what is in the middle or solve the riddle by poking a hole in the bottom.
Filled with nuts and cream they are part of a healthy well balanced diet.
Look from whence chocolate comes, such humble beginings and yet is rises to such hights.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Antidote, Colditz: The Definitive History

Where in the world did the men of Colditz come from and where did they go? In this land of whining, wimpy and odorously mealy mouthed men, the Colditz story isn’t so much a breath of fresh air as a blast of a furnace. It is the story of normal men who where POWs in WW ll, stuck in the furnace of Hitler’s Germany and seeing it as their duty and honor to escape. Colditz was a castle set in rock, turned into a prison to hold the "bad boys" of other camps. The ones who had already escaped and been caught heading for Switzerland or Sweden. Represented there where, British, Dutch, French and Polish nationalities, bound together with the desire to break free and return to the war.
Using tools such as butter knives, wire, cardboard, human hair and anything they could steal, they set about finding every way to sneak, climb or walk straight out of the castle. With humor and intelligence many bunks where attempted, sadly most didn’t make it out of Germany. But even then these men continued to try and also they did their best to keep the guards busy and distracted all the time. Making skeleton keys they roamed about visiting each other causing no end of consternation for guards who eventually gave up trying to put them back where they belonged. When they need a camera to make false identities one of the men built one and later when the British intelligence smuggled in a real one they found that the Colditz camera worked better. They also built a still (making what was probably Everclear), a radio which was so well hidden that it wasn’t uncovered till years after the war when they where ripping out some walls. One of the last and most amazing creations was a fully operational glider, which was to launched from the top of the castle. But before they got the chance to fly it, the Americans came and freed the camp.
This book isn’t all humor, much pain, anger and death is mixed in as well. But these men stood with courage, faced it and tried again and again to do the impossible. That is why this book can be used as an antidote to such trash as The Four Feathers.